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Outfit | Greys & Geometric

I am a total SUCKER for athletic leggings since I practically live in them (if you didn’t know, I am a dance and fitness instructor, so leggings are apart of my uniform). So, naturally, I fell in LOVE withSolow‘s SOLOW SPORT Legging with Geometric Rib Yoke. The leggings are in one of my fave colors, Heather Charcoal (staple); it has great stretch and breaths well; and a great ribbed yoke detail. Do you love athletic leggings as well? Check out my Wednesday Workout Regiment:

x30 Second Plank
x16 Mountain Climbers
x15 Second Plank
x8 Mountain Climbers
x24 Heel Lifts (Right)
x24 Heel Lifts (Left)
x16 Side Knee Lifts (Right)
x16 Side Knee Lifts (Left)
x10 Second Plank
x16 Crunches w/Knees in Tabletop
x16 Crunch w/Straight Legs to Ceiling
x16 Bicycle Crunches

Here’s How I Styled my Leggings:
Cardigan, Oh So Cali Clothing (Similar)/ Deep-V Tank, Lululemon Athletica/ Leggings w/Geometric Rib Yoke, SOLOW SPORT, Sneakers, H&M

Top 10 reasons to Try Bar Method: By Kelsey Riach & Jenn Lacy

The top 10 reasons to try Bar Method:

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 4.38.42 PM

1) Efficient and effective. We target the muscles that show the greatest definition to create lasting body changes.

2) Slims and tones. Using a fast paced form of interval training we maximize caloric burn during and after class. This gives students leaner, slimmer bodies after a few months of coming to class 3-5 times per week.

3) Strategic class design. Each exercise has been organized into its specific place and time during class to alternate between the front and back sides of the body. Strategic class organization allows us to tone one side of the body while elongating the other side that was just worked.

4) Safe and therapeutic. We keep students’ joints safe by designing all of our exercises under the strict recommendations of physical therapists and medical consultants.

5) Rigorously trained teachers. Bar Method teachers are not only trained on anatomy, physiology but also the the very specific way in which we teach. We are consistently going through re-education and testing to ensure Bar Method studios around the nation are upholding our high standards.

6) Help students achieve their individual goals. Bar Method teachers know their students’ names, learn their goals, to help guide each student towards achieving them. We strive to create a personal environment in which every student not only feels comfortable coming to work out but feels welcomed into our Bar Method family.

7) Tailored for a wide range of body types and ages. The Bar Method is dedicated to making the benefits of its workout accessible to students of varying body types, ages and fitness levels. No matter if a student has a previous injury, lack of flexibility, sensitive joints, etc. Bar Method has modifications to allow every student to benefit from the workout.

8) Improves posture and coordination. Bar Method makes it a priority to improve students’ posture by giving them 1-on-1 guidance on body awareness and alignment.

9) High quality classes at all locations. Bar Method teachers audition to be accepted into the training program. Trainees then study for approximately 6 months and take a series of exams before becoming qualified to teach. Teachers are then continuously educated and tested to ensure students always get a well-taught, body-changing workout in every studio they attend.

10) Beautiful and supportive studios. The Bar Method upholds a standard of clean, serene, and welcoming environments. Most importantly, the Bar Method students become members of a bonded community where they feel a sense of belonging as they reinvent themselves, physically and mentally.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 4.39.02 PM


Tastier & More Beneficial Tea… by: Jo Beth


Winter seems to be holding on strong and not wanting to let go. And as we transition from winter to spring and the weather gets a bit mixed up, tea can be just what the doctor ordered!

And to make your tea tastier & more beneficial for your body, try adding these items to your cup:

Raw Honey: adds sweetness

-helps improve allergies

-staves of cold symptoms

-suppresses coughs

-sleep aid

Turmeric: will add spice & color to your tea

-anti-inflammatory agent

-also helps flatulence, jaundice, menstrual difficulties, chest pain, and colic

-acts as an agent against Alzheimer’s

-improves liver function

Triphala: will melt into the taste of the tea (naturally bitter)

 -assists natural internal cleansing

-maintains regularity

-nourishes and rejuvenates the tissue

-supports healthy digestion and absorption

-acts as a natural antioxidant

Mint: adds a soothing taste

-improves weight loss

-promotes digestion

-counteracts nausea

 Ginger: will heat up your inner fire (agni)

 -encourages proper digestion

-acts as a decongestant

-encourages nutrient absorption

-helps dull appetite

-strengthens immunity


So next time your reach for a cup of tea, consider adding one of these ingredients to helps boost your body & your spirits!

MUCH Love,

Jo Beth

My Inspirations… By Joan Hyman


 From wild child to professional dancer… I was the least likely candidate to become a Senior Yoga Teacher. I became a professional dancer at a young age and headed straight for New York City. My days were spent going to auditions, attending dance classes, rehearsing and then dancing in the clubs until dawn. Eventually, my body started to break down, and so did my big elaborate world.

In the late 1990′s, after years of failing to wean myself off of the party scene, I stumbled into a yoga class at Jivamukti in NYC. For the first time in my life, I truly heard my inner being.  The message was very clear: “Joan, you must start taking care of yourself.”

Shortly after that class, I found my way to Santa Monica, California. I ended up in a Mysore Ashtanga room at Yogaworks, taught by Maty Ezraty.  I specifically remember the seriousness of the practitioners and Maty’s powerful, intense energy.

I walked in and walked right out.

A friend called me later that day and talked me into coming back.  While I was intimidated, I was still a bit curious. That was twelve years ago. I have been practicing Ashtanga yoga daily ever since. Maty has been my mentor and one of the most inspirational people on my path as a yoga student as well as a yoga teacher.

During my early years of practice, I experienced a lot of transformation.  Transformation is a bumpy, fiery path that can burn!  I committed to this practice and found the discipline to do the work it takes to make the leap from party girl to a serious and respected yoga teacher.  It was Maty’s teaching that grounded me during those years.

Maty encouraged me to be my best, helping me discover what was underneath all of the noise. It was hard to face myself at times, but her fearless teaching and her committed to being her authentic self, helped me stay committed to my path.

Since my time with Maty I’ve gone off into the world and explored different teachers.  I recently reconnected with her, assisting her and practicing with her here in Los Angeles. I discovered how lucky I am to have had such an inspiration early in my career. It gave me the opportunity to recognize my growth. Here I am – now 12 years later – practicing with her at a whole new level. I’m not the same. Realizing how far I have come inspires me.

Here are a few things I have learned both from my brilliant teacher and my path as a yoga teacher and how I put what I learned into practice

 • Your practice defines your teaching. Your teaching is only as deep as your practice.  I am not referring to advanced poses , but our ability and commitment to peel the layers and discover what is actually underneath.

•  Spending time with people that inspire you, or your teachers, is important!  You will be reminded to be grateful for your gift and humbled to be on this path where you get to do what you love for a living.

•  Keep doing the work and stay committed to YOU.  Your truth is what you feel in your heart. Teach from this place and success will come.

I was able to confirm a truth I already know: We are more than our thoughts.  Learn to meditate and be fearless about what is going on inside and open up your mind.  Your highest potential exists way beyond your thoughts! Believe in yourself & be real! Keep it simple and remember Yoga Works!


 My Inspirations…

By Joan Hyman

Yoga for Cancer by Tracee Stanley


A 5,000-year-old practice, yoga has gained popularity in the United States. Yoga is said to contribute to our physical and mental well-being. Yoga is not considered a religious practice, but rather a philosophy of creating an internal environment that promotes health and vitality.
Studies have shown benefit when dealing with cancer. With its slow, gentle movements, the practice of yoga may be possible for people who are otherwise limited in their activities due to fatigue, shortness of breath, and other symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment. Yoga can help you center your thoughts and maintain flexibility, but also has benefits specifically for people living with cancer.
Benefits include: reduced stress, sound sleep, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and a sense of well-being.

Produced by Pranamaya LLC. Directors Harley Rinzler and Tracee Stanley
Director of Photography- Alexandra Lipsitz, Camera- Emmerson
Boergadine, Audio- Shania Rosenthal, Editor- Alexandra Lipsitz, Assistant Editor- Jon Smith, Special Thanks Music – Pure- Blackbird Blackbird and Om Records and Re-Recording Mixer Patrick Grandclaudon

Get Fit With Amanda Russell: Chair Workout- Sit Down and Tone Up

Get Fit With Brand Ambassador Amanda Russell!

Chair Workout- Sit Down and Tone Up

This workout is for all of you who sit behind the desk all day! Just because you are tied to you chair doesn’t mean you can’t stay committed to your 2014 fitness goals! When all else fails and I just can’t get away from my desk, this is my ‘go-to’ chair workout. It’s also a great routine if you have injuries in the lower body that get aggravated with impact or standing!

For the Full Chair Workout, subscribe to FitStrongandSexy.com where I have this workout in full length so we can do it together (and so many more) in REAL time!

 What You Need:

  • Interval Timer or Stopwatch (I use Gymboss Interval timer since you can set it easily and it beeps so you don’t have to keep checking the time).
  • A chair

Get the Look:

The Workout:

3 Sets of 30 seconds

  • Sitting in chair – abs tight – lift and legs straight out/scissor them
  • 30 Seconds arms up over head wheelies
  • Seated Jumping Jacks (open and close arms and legs as fast as possible)
  • Abs Twister
  • Seated Leg Lifts
  • Seated Legs Circles

Don’t forget to post your comments and let me know if you tired it out while SITTING there WATCHING it!

Keep raising the standard beautiful!



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Almond Geranium Scrub

photoI slipped on my Solow Eclon leggings and Banded Sweetheart top on Saturday for a morning yoga class and basically didn’t take them off all weekend.  There durability stood the test of a holistic herbal holiday fair, farmer’s market, and paella for lunch—all with a toddler in tow.  Comfort is usually key when I get dressed, so looking stylish is a bonus!  If you’re scrambling for that last minute gift or looking to pamper yourself into the new year, here’s a simple body scrub that will get your earth-suit glowing for 2014!

Almond Geranium Scrub

What You Need:

•  ¾ – 1 cup of almond oil

• 1 cup of sugar

• 5 drops of Geranium oil (or preferred oil)

What To Do:

Place sugar in a medium bowl

Add almond oil with a wooden spoon ensuring that it is mixed well.  You may need to add

a little more sugar or oil depending on the desired consistency.

Add the Geranium oil.

Spoon into airtight containers until ready to use in the shower


Massage into the body while in the shower, in a circular motion paying special attention to knees and elbows.

Rinse off and you will be left with the moisturizing effects of the almond oil.

-Stephanie Sandle

25 Simple Ways to Slow Down & Relax This Season…


The holidays are a great time to be with the ones we love, but they can also be immensely stressful.

The few weeks of the year we should take the time to slow down and reflect before the New Year comes. But that is easier said that done!



 So if you’re looking for a way to slow down, here are 25 of them…

  1. Take a walk.
  2. Take a bubble bath.
  3. Read a good book or a not so good book.
  4. Play with your pet.
  5. Dance around your house.
  6. Write in a journal, on a napkin, on the back of the airplane info packet.
  7. Take a yoga class.
  8. Paint.
  9. Sing.
  10. Laugh loud & hard.
  11. Look at a photo album.
  12. Call your mom or dad or someone you love.
  13. Tell someone you love them.
  14. Tell yourself you love you.
  15. Play a board game.
  16. Go to the park.
  17. Breathe.
  18. Do something for you just cause you want to.
  19. Look up, down, and all around. Appreciate this earth.
  20. Watch a good movie.
  21. Sit by the fire.
  22. Let someone know you are thankful for them.
  23. Spend time with friends.
  24. Snuggle.
  25. Bake cookies.
  26. Give yourself a break & do one of the last 25 things.


Jo Beth



Tips for Keeping Warm with Brand Ambassador Jennifer Drake

photo 4[1]

“It officially feels like Winter in Chicago!  Brrrr…. Thankfully I have my SOLOW leggings to keep me warm!  And not only are they warm, but super comfy and stylish, with ruching down the side for a flattering flare.  They feel so great I’m inspired to do a high kick or 2 every time I wear them!”

photo 2[1]

Here are a few tips to help you keep warm this winter:

  1. Dress in Layers: Wear several layers of clothing and peel them off if you get too warm. The heat captured in between the layers keeps you toasty. (Hint: mittens are warmer than gloves, because fingers retain more heat when they touch each other.)
  2. Stay Dry: Nothing chills you like wet skin. Your base layer should be made of a material that wicks sweat away from your body. Your outermost layer should be wind-proof.
  3. Keep Head, Neck, Hands and Feet Toasty: Your extremities let off the most heat — so keep them wrapped with warm scarves, hats, mittens or gloves, and thick socks!

- Tips curtsey of www.nwf.org

Banana Bread by Leslie Betcher

As the weather gets colder its a great time to bake. It heats up the house, and smells great.  Here is a great twist on traditional banana bread that you are sure to enjoy!

IMGP7883 Banana Bread


2 cups of flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup olive oil

2 medium bananas

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/4 cup dark chocolate chips or blueberries



Combine flour, baking powder, soda, and salt in bowl and mix. I prefer my kitchen aide with the mixer head on it.

Add your sugar, oil and bananas, mixing on low while you add each ingredient. Add your lemon juice.

Lastly add your chocolate chips or berries, and finish mixing.


Bake at 375 for 25-35 minutes in bread loaf pan. Bake until golden brown on top. Once out of oven, place on cooling rack and let cool for a few minutes.



-Leslie Betcher